Network Marketing Sales Training – How to Profit More Than Anybody

The direct sales business and network marketing industry is has seen its share of network marketing sales trainers that have over promised and under delivered. To be honest it is hard to know who to trust these days. That is why I want to give you free extremely valuable information that will help you in your MLM home based business. The 5 key points that I am sharing below are pillars that are essential to your success. My word of caution is that this only works if you are plugged into a MLM system online.

1. Your own customizable capture page
This allows you to stand out from everybody else in your company. Most people are marketing company replicated sites and are not getting the network marketing sales they want. Learning this one internet marketing strategy alone will separate you from the masses. This will allow you to brand yourself and not your company.

2. Build your own list
Your list are people that you can build relationships with down the road. Of course it may start out small but imagine it growing to 300, 1000, and soon into tens of thousands. This is how the top network marketing sales trainers make serious money. They have their own list and they market to them. Keep in mind you can’t just market anything so I’ll teach you what to market.

3. Streamline Sales Funnel
This is another secret of the top marketers. Having a guided sales funnel that you send your prospects through is critical. Reason being because you can monetize as much as possible from your list. Not everyone will join you in your business. So having a way to make money off those that don’t join you will keep you in the game long enough till your residual kicks in from your primary company.

4. Duplicatable Training Platform
Let’s face it. There are only 24 hours in a day. Contrary to popular belief you do not make money for training nor have time to train everyone. You only make network marketing sales doing two things: marketing and talking to qualified prospects on the phone so they can join your direct sales business. Having a web based internet marketing system in place will help remove you from the equation. Just point your downline in the right direction. Teach them to do the same for their teammates and that is what I call duplication.

5. Proven way to get your primary opportunity in front of people
After you have shown so much value to your prospects, who by the way are those in network marketing, they will be open to look at your primary opportunity. This is where the magic kicks in. At this point they will feel like they owe you. So some will actually join you in business without even calling you.

This type of network marketing sales training I know is different from what is being taught in traditional MLM. If this way of network marketing is more appealing to you and you want to learn internet marketing strategies then don’t waste anymore time. Don’t p

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Insurance Brokerage Marketing Sales Tip – Target Market the Absolutely Best Brokers

Rarely is insurance brokerage marketing sales tips or advice given. Target market the best brokerage brokers only is a sales advice tip. Exposing how to use brokerage marketing for targeting these insurance brokers is detailed here. Not just tips, but the actually steps that insurance brokerage marketing firms must take to ensure targeting the best brokers in this market are properly followed.

About 1,000,000 health and life agents do not broker. Of the remainder, around 480,000 could be considered brokers. Too many insurance brokerage operations focus their sales marketing on any agent, as they do not investigate the few sources that can inform them who the brokers are. The rare firms that can do this sorting are titled insurance mailing list compilers. They have researched and individually put together a listing derived from a multitude of sources. The problems exists for you the marketer in wanting to target market exclusively the best brokers. Well you can, and you will see how.

In compiling the vast agent and broker data market information, a major concern goes far beyond normal. By normal, we refer to the multitude of sources that can provide you name, address, and some phone numbers on the combination of agents and brokers. These by themselves are initially cheap sources that will financially bite you when it comes to getting results. Look at the following information to see how this is costly and not wise.

Say you are a state, regional, or national insurance brokerage marketing firm looking to recruit the best brokers for your new annuity product. The normal list broker or list informs you that there are 28,500 agents and sales brokers in the target state. The researched list compiler determines there are 8,200 annuity brokers. Your budget will allow enough money to target only 4,000 to 5,000 brokers and of course, a smart sales tip would be that these are the best annuity brokers for your product.

Now you can target market the best brokers only.
If fact you will see how you have two different optional ways to do this. If your insurance list compiler has a long experienced background with records going back many years, this feat can be accomplished. The list compiler may know what companies this broker is appointed with. Along with this comes a skill in matching companies’ appointments only when possible to an insurance company specializing in selling certain product like annuities. Additionally by scanning through the broker files it can be determined often how many carriers they represent selling a certain product.

Look at an insurance brokerage marketing sales project, like the one mentioned above. Of 8,200 annuity brokers, only 4,000 to 5,000 are wanted, and only the best of the best. Only an insurance list compiler with the proper programming and skills could manage this challenge honestly and efficiently. You will be given sales tips on requesting either of two options, both of which we will look at.

Option 1 – Company Representation

There may be say 10 hot annuity insurance competitors and you want to target market the brokers that are appointed with those carriers. Usually for ethical reasons, a minimum of five insurers are required. An internal program is then run selecting out only those people representing one of the 10 providers requested. Then it makes sure each agent name is only shown once, as it is possible to represent more than one company. Result = 4,023 annuity producers. Mission accomplished.

Option 2 – The Responders
Imagine if you were promoting a $19.99 TV product, and your target list was only of people who had bought a similar product at least three times. Envision how many more sales you would get targeting them, than by just mailing to the general public. Take this concept and now apply it to limited amount of the annuity brokers requested above. The insurance list compiler does a little internal magic. First, the annuity brokers in the state are separated from all the other broker and agent names. Next, a selection is done to only pick out those currently representing three or more annuity carriers. It is the same concept as the list of people deciding to purchase a similar product they bought three times before. Result = 4,985 best of the best annuity responders. Mission accomplished.

Final comments & sales tips
To insurance brokerage marketing sales, a list of top quality similar product producers should be compared to willing, ready, and able insurance leads for agents. If you want to be the best, work just with the best.

Well published author, Don Yerke likes to concentrate on what you don’t know or what no one else dares to print. Tell it like it is.

Watch for his new paperback book debuting on Amazon this summer. It is loaded with great insurance marketing, brokerage, sales, and recruiting information.

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